Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know you can not even tell what this picture is - but I had to put it on there because this is OUR DIRT!!! Taylor is standing on OUR DIRT!!! Yes it is true, we are finally buying a house!! We just signed the papers for it Saturday, and this is Taylor right after we got done! It is in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Our expected move in date is the first of September! So get down here everyone who wants to visit, we will finally have a place for you to stay!! HURRAY!!

So here is our dirt in the day time. As you can see they are just getting ready to pour the foundation. We have a little slope in our back yard, and our street is a cul de sac.

As you can tell our girls are sick of looking at the dirt.

Here is what the front of our house is going to look like once it is built

And here is the view from the side!


Timothy & Kimberly Pettitt said...

That looks sooo cute! I am so excited for you! Tell me about the layout when you get a chance...you know I love that kind of stuff!

Skidmore Family said...

The house is beautiful-how exciting for you guys to finally be getting a house. Now that I don't work and have a little guy I'll have to take you up on the offer of a visit.

The other pictures are cute-it looks like you had a lot of fun with Cami and Chris. And the girls look adorable in their Easter clothes.


I am so dissapointed that there is no basement!! Where the heck am I going to live?? It better not have a garbage disposal, I have been completly fazed out! How fun though it looks awesome, Jennifer I hope you are ready to give me the grand tour at the model!
Taylor I am sure you will be there too cause I PRAYED!

Sam & Alisha Oldroyd said...

Jennifer Anderson! Oh my goodness, how are you? I have been wondering where you & Taylor ended up. You have gorgeous daughters and you look fabulous! congrats on buying land for a house. Building is so fun! I got married in Dec 2003 to a wonderful guy. We moved to Texas (where he is from) 6 months later and have been here ever since! I really love it. I am a high school math teacher and am in my 4th year of doing that. I'd love to hear from you.

Alisha (Partridge)

Doug & Jessica Anderson said...

So doug and i were wondering if we should take you guys off our blog friends list.... since you guys haven't updated in over half a year!